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Football Jeewithe : #Footballජීවිතේ #RathumakaraFM #රතුමකරාFM

Weekly football news and analysis by Nadeez, Udara and Sanoj. Very popular program among football lovers, in which the presenters talk about recent matches, history of football and analyse on them. Football Jeewithe EP01 – 2018-09-30 Nadees, Salinda, Udara & Sanoj Football Jeewithe EP02 – 2018-Oct-01 Nadees, Salinda, Udara & Sanoj Food Ball Jeewithe –

Question55 : @She_is_Nu #Questions55 #රෙදිගලවන්නෑSL #RathumakaraFM #රතුමකරාFM

Interview program hosted by Anu, where a famous person is participated. He was asked 55 questions by the presenter during the show runtime. question55 Gayash 2018Oct02 by Anu question55 Ep02 Ranuka 2018Oct03 by Anu question55 Ep03 Nilee 2018Oct04 by Anu question55 Ep03 Logan 2018Nov28 question55 Ep04 Choty Nangi 2018Dec19 Question55 Ep05 Rathgamaya 2019Jan02 Question 55

Bollywood Playlist : @Lovely_Paba #BollywoodPlaylist #RathumakaraFM #රතුමකරාFM

A Bollywood song appreciation program hosted by Paba. She talks about a selected Bollywood movie songs weekly. Bollywood Playlist by Paba – 2018-09-30 Paba Bollywood Playlist by Paba – 2018-10-04 Paba Bollywood Playlist by Paba 31-10-2018 Paba Bollywood Playlist by Paba 07-11-2018 Bollywood Playlist by Paba 14-11-2018 Paba Bollywood Playlist by Paba 21-11-2018 Bollywood Playlist

Loගොන්Answers : @KawdaBoy @Chooty_Nangi #Loගොන්Answers #RathumakaraFM #රතුමකරාFM

Here Logan answers questions asked from him by listeners, via twitter under the same hash tag as the program name. These questions are asked at the program by Chooty Nangi. Lo Gon Answers EP01 20180924 Logon & Chooty Nangi Lo Gon Answers EP02 20180930 Logon & Chooty Nangi Lo Gon Answers EP04 2018Oct15 Logon &

ගීWithචාපා : @L_Indrachapa @Miyuruhansi #ගීwithචාපා #RathumakaraFM #රතුමකරාFM

Weekly Sinhala song appreciation program hosted by Chapa and Miyuruhansi. Meaning of several selected songs are described and they are played for listeners. Gee With Chapa Ep01 Indrachapa Gee With Chapa Ep02 Indrachapa Gee With Chapa Ep03 – 2018-09-29 Indrachapa Gee With Chapa Ep04 – 2018-09-30 Indrachapa Gee With Chapa with Miyruhansi Ep05 – 2018-10-06

Movie Cafe by Arshath : @Arshathz #Moviecafewitharshath #RathumakaraFM #රතුමකරාFM

Weekly Movie analysis by Arshath. He hosts a panel discussion about movies where guests and famous people join the panel discussion. 1 Captain Marvel trailer and breakdown 2 Lion king trailer drop 3 Marvel and DC main differences and future DC and marvel slate4 Favourite 90s TV shows5 Which movie rating site is best Arshath

The තුනපහ Show : @daughterislife @LadyBossHippo #දතුනපහශෝwithලොස්ට්andහිපෝ #RathumakaraFM #රතුමකරාFM

Day Time song request program presented by Lost & Hippo. They talk more about things related to woman and life , also interact with listeners. The Thuna Paha Show with Lost amp Hipo 01112018 Lost & Hippo The Thuna Paha Show with Lost amp Hipo 15112018 Lost & Hippo

Over The Boundary : @Aqibmzm @sheshandj #OverTheBoundary #RathumakaraFM #රතුමකරාFM

Weekly cricket analysis at Rathumakara FM hosted by Aaqeeb and Seshan. Interactive discussion on development of crickets, history of cricket and future of cricket. Over the boundary EP 01 2018Oct07 Over the boundary EP 02 2018Oct14 Weekly Cricket news and update with Aqeeb and Sheshan Over the boundary EP Sheshan and Aqeeb Over the boundary



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